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Valve stem Packings

Product Profile

All purpose, self forming PTFE Valve Stem Packing

  1. A non-staining and non-contaminating packing for use in Valve Stems
  2. A low friction packing having high degree of pliability enabling it to conform to valve stuffing box flaws and irregularities
  3. Excellent chemical resistance, even against strong acids and caustics
  4. Easy to install, requiring minimum inventory
  5. Available in the following sizes

Service Media & Conditions:

Compatible in strong acid and strong alkali media. Affected only by elemental fluorine and molten alkali metals.

-232oC to 315oC
Full vacuum to 3000 PSI
0 to 14
Custom sizes on request:
2.5 mm diameter × 15 meter long 4.0 mm diameter × 7.5 meter long
7 mm (W) × 2.5 mm (Thick) × 15 meter (L) 5.5 mm diameter × 4.5 meter long
7.0 mm diameter × 2.8 meter long

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