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Company Overview

Our founder Mr. Keki Jehangir Palia started his career working at a trading company in Bombay during the period of British rule in India. Thereafter in 1955, eight years post India’s independence, Mr. Palia moved to the entrepreneurial stage of his life starting with the import of various fibers to India.

A few years later, in 1959, Mr. KJ Palia ventured into manufacturing of high temperature resistance yarn for applications across industries, setting up the first factory in Bombay with machinery and technology transfer from Germany.

Over the next few years, there was considerable expansion across manufacturing activities and additional plant set up outside Mumbai. Mr. K. J. Palia’s eldest son, Mr. Meher K. Palia took lead in the family business and thereafter commissioned the group’s 1st jointing sheet manufacturing facility in Bombay and thereafter with continued demand from core sector industries, the team added capacity with additional manufacturing facilities across Maharashtra.

In 2003, ongoing a re-structuring in the family business, Mr. Meher Palia’s sons, Danesh and Neville joined the company with responsibilities of plant operations and day-to-day management.

We carry the founders belief i.e to offer the highest quality product and service guaranteed by the Champion brand. This belief has become the cornerstone of how we operate today in this highly demanding and competitive environment. The Champion team works on this above principle to achieve long-term win-win relationships with our Customers, Partners and Suppliers. Product Development efforts are focused on safety beyond compliance, product quality being essential part of the process and performance which in turn will reduce downtime losses and minimise project risks at our end users.