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Product Profile

CHAMPION e PTFE Universal Rope Gasket is soft un-sintered 100% pure expanded PTFE having a very smooth surface finish and is characterized by very low co-efficient of friction. This makes it a very useful sealing material and is used as a rope gasket on flanged connections of pipe, fittings, tanks & vessels and such other mating surfaces. as well as a gland packing in valve stem applications. CHAMPION e PTFE Universal Rope is a specially formulated sealing material that withstands vibration over a wide operating temperature range. The friction free characteristics promotes smoother action and increases the life of the gasket many times over.

Specification :

upto 260°C
Upto 20 Mpa
12 m/s
0 - 14
1.5-1.7 g/cm3


It is used as gasket on flanged connections, pressure vessels and all other similar mating faces as well as packing for valves and similar gland applications.


From 3.0mm to 19mm in round section.

Sizes Available

  • 3.0mmx30mtr.
  • 4.0mmx10mtr.
  • 5.0mmx10mtr.
  • 6.0mmx10mtr.
  • 8.0mmx10mtr.
  • 10.0mmx5mtr.
  • 12.5mmx5mtr.
  • 16.0mmx5mtr.
  • 19.0mmx5mtr.
Champion Style Size (mm) Length (Mtr)
CUR-1530 1.5 mm 30 mm
CUR-330 3 mm 30 mm
CUR-510 5 mm 10 mm
CUR-610 6 mm 10 mm
CUR-810 8 mm 10 mm
CUR-1005 10 mm 05 mm
CUR-1255 12.5 mm 05 mm
CUR-1605 16 mm 05 mm
CUR-1905 19 mm 05 mm

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