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High Pressure and Temperature, Metallic Gasket for Piping, Heat exchanger and Vessel Applications

CHAMPION SPIRAL WOUND METALLIC GASKETS consists of the basic sealing element combining several layers of pre-formed V-shaped metal strip which are spirally wound together under pressure with the soft- material filler (PTFE or expanded Graphite) to improve the mechanical strength and internal pressure. This gasket provides perfect sealing under fluctuating high pressure operating conditions (thermal Cycling) providing resilience and recovery.

  • Available in a range of materials capable of withstanding high and low temperatures
  • Designed to seal high pressures
  • Maintains high tightness / low leakage under thermal transient conditions
  • Resists corrosion in aggressive media environments
  • High pressures and vacuum service
  • Piping flange gaskets, heat exchangers, vessels, boilers, reactors and OEM special equipment
  • Recommended for wide range of chemicals, HP steam, hydrocarbons
  • Suitable for standard ASME, EN, JIS, DIN, PN flanges
Carbon Steel SS 321
SS 304 Monel 400
SS 316 Nickel 400
SS 316L Inconel 400
SS 347 Alloy 20
Nominal Thickness Compressed Thickness Guide Ring Thickness
3.2 mm 2.4 - 2.6 mm 2.0 - 2.2 mm
4.5 mm 3.2 - 3.45 mm 3.0 - 3.2 mm
Champion SWMG

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