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Champion Spiral Wound Gaskets are composed of a metallic continuous strip with a special shaped profile, coupled with a continuous filling strip (Asbestos, PTFE, Graphite etc.) evenly wound in concentric spiral under constant stress. The Spiral Wound Gaskets are reinforced on the inner and outer diameter by winding of several electrically welded metal. The main property of Spiral Wound Gasket, owing to elastic action of the special metallic strip profile, is that of offering a perfect sealing under fluctuating pressure and temperature conditions & maintaining tight elastic recovering. This elasticity can be modified by a proper selection of components. A proper selection of materials (both metal and fillers) allows the spiral gasket to accommodate the most varied operating conditions. Spiral Gaskets are made as per ASME B16.20 to suit ASME B16.5 flanges and as per "A" Series and "B" Series to suit ASME B16.47 flanges. We also make spiral as per DIN 2632-2638, IS Standards, etc.

The material of construction of Spiral Wound Gaskets are as per annexure :

3.2 mm +-0.125 mm
4.5 mm +-0.125 mm


Winding Material Recommended Maximum Temperature
304 Stainless Steel 650 oC
304L Stainless Steel 650 oC
316 / 316L Stainless Steel 650 oC
316Ti Stainless Steel 650 oC
347 Stainless Steel 650 oC
321 Stainless Steel 650 oC
Filler Material Recommended Maximum Temperature
Graphite 550 oC
PTFE 260 oC
CAF 440 oC

Notes :

  1. Inner Rings are required for all PTFE filled gasket.
  2. Gaskets OD Tolerance for NB 15 to NB 200   -  0.762.
  3. Gaskets ID Tolerance for NB 15 to NB 200   -  0.406mm, NB 250 to NB 600   -  0.762mm.
  4. Center ring OD Tolerance is   -  0.762mm.
  5. Inner ring thickness 2.97mm to 3.33mm.
  6. Inner ring inside diameter tolerance is for NB 32 to NB 80   -  0.762mm, NB 100 to NB 600 +1.524mm.

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