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Asbestos Free(AF) Performance Packings - STYLE - 661

Graphite Self Sealing Ring (Normal Pressure)

Graphite Pressure Seal ring commonly known as Self Sealing ring is manufactured from high purity Flexible Graphite Foil. As on today this is the best solution for Sealing Valve Bonnet. These Sealing rings are engineered to specific densities depending on working conditions and with minimum load these can achieve the best sealing effect. In a running plant there may be some irregularities in the Sealing surface of the valve which can easily be adopted by this flexible Graphite Pressure Sealing ring / Self Sealing ring. The same can be supplied as per customers profile / specifications

Service Recommendations :
Highly recommended for super heated and Saturated steam applications, Hydrocarbons, Fuel oil and Lube oil, Dyes and Chemicals, all non-oxidizing liquids and gases etc.

Typical Physical Properties

PH Temperature Size
0-14 -2000 to +33000
-2000 to +6000
-2000 to +6500
Bar Bar m/s Bar m/s mm2
Pressure 300 Bar For Static

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