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Mouldable Fibrous Packings

Style Temperature Service Recommendation Packs
1710 400oC It is semi-metallic fibrous packing of asbestos fibre with metal shreds of antifriction white metal blended in the composition with special lubricants and graphited throughout. Recommended for similar use as style 1700, but under excessive high pressure and temperature. The packing has low frictional properties. Avoid using on Brass or soft Bronze rod surfaces. Do not use against stainless steel rods, strong acid & alkalies. 750 gms.
1700 300oC This is moudable loose packing manufactured out of tough selected High Grade long Asbestos Fibres blended with special lubricant and graphite throughout, of non-metallic composition. Suitable for superheated and High Pressure steam, Gases and Oils. Do not use against stainless steel rods strong acid & alkalies. 750 gms.
1715 400oC Long selected Asbestos Fibre specially processed with heat resisting rubber compound which vulcanizes on being heated. For packing grooves in steam cock. 200 gms.
1720 400oC Long selected Asbestos Fibre specially processed with rubber compound which does not vulcanise. For stuffing boxes of cocks and valves, water guages and boiler test cocks. 200 gms.
1750 SS 500oC For use against STAINLESS STEEL RODS. This is mouldable loose fibrous asbestos packing blended with special lubricants. For high temperature steam, hot and cold water, air and oil service in valves and centrifugal pumps. The loose packing can be tamped into stuffing box and when rammed hard into a gland, it will form a dense homogenous mass which is impervious to high temperature and pressure. It serves best when hardening or disintegration of bonding is objectionable. It remains responsive to gland compression and is easily adjusted by slight additions to overcome leakage if and when additional packing is required. Recommended for duty on worn-out and mal-aligned shafts. For best result seal with a ring turn of Champion Style 1850 Braided Packing both at beginning and end to prevent extrusion. 750 gms.

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