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Asbestos Free(AF) Performance Packings - STYLE - 6094


PTFE Impregnated Synthetic Packing

Champion Style 6094 is an asbestos replacement packing having superior seal ability. It is suitable for centrifugal pumps, reciprocal pumps and valves, handling media of pH 1-13 and temperature upto -100°C to 230 °C. It is a packing for universal application and is deeply impregnated with a proprietary PTFE dispersion to ensure superior sealing and low wear and tear on the shaft.

Service Recommendations :
Chilled water, Brine Solution, Mild Acids / alkalis.
Available Sizes : 3 & 5 mm in Spools of 10 M.
6 -16 mm in 1 kg Coils
19 mm - 50 mm in 5 kg Coils.

Typical Physical Properties

PH Temperature Synthetic Gland Packings Non asbestos jointing sheet Manufacturers Metallic gaskets / sheets Size
1-13 0C Bar Bar m/s Bar m/s mm2
Upto 3000c 100 30 10 100 2 3-100

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