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Asbestos Free(AF) Performance Packings - STYLE - 668

Pure Graphite Braided Packing.

Champion Style 668 is a Expanded Pure Graphite Braided Gland Packing having purity of graphite of 99.5%. This packing is chemically inert, highly resilient with self lubricating low frictional co-efficient and having high thermal conductivity. This packing is also treated with anti frictional graphite lubricant to accommodate self adjustment on tightening of the gland. This special lubricant also prevents seepage/leakage through the braiding. Further, sacrificial metal corrosion inhibitor is incorporated into the packing to prevent galvanic corrosion of the Sleeves/ shaft. Champion Style 668 enjoys the advantages of a braided packing having high Flexibility / Resiliency and also having all the characteristics of Flexible Pure Graphite i.e. the Packing does not contain oil, grease or binder of any kind. This packing dissipates heat properly as it is a good thermal conductor leading to its longer, leakage free life.

Service Recommendations :
Superheated and saturated steam, Non-oxidising fluids, Dyes and Chemicals, Fuel oil & Lube Oil, Hydrocarbon etc.

Application :
Valve Gland and Pump Stuffing Box.

Typical Physical Properties

PH Temperature Size
0-14 -2000C To 33000C
-2000C To 6000C
-2000C To 6500C
Bar Bar m/s Bar m/s mm2
300 100 25 150 2 3-100

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