Environment Friendly Sealing and
Heat Insulation Solutions


Style Temperature Service Recommendation
374 -40oC to +150oC DUPLEX BRAIDED fine soft vegetable fibre packing, self lubricated. Each strand of this packing is specially impregnated with additives along with break-in-Iubricant having the property of self lubrication and media repelling action. This packing is best suited to seal glands of pumps, valves handling condensates, demineralised water and for cold and hot hydraulic applications.
376 -40oC to +130oC A special non-graphited soft natural fibre yarn packing impregnated witr first grade lubricant suitable for high speed centrifugal pumps, compressors and refrigerations, cooling water and condensate pumps. Owing to the pliable nature of the material used, this packing permits free motion of the rod.
600 `A` STEAM 280oC An asbestos proofed semi-metallic packing with strips of white metal intermittent layers embedded. Used on steam expansion glands, marine engines, compressors, pumps, winches and hoists. A special high pressure medium temperature packing for ships and ship building industry, suqar mills, etc.
1860 325oC VALVE TWIST : For valve stems, small valva spindles, stuffing boxes and miniature apparatus in full steam. The packing can be twisted to requisite sizes to be fitted in the gland.
1916 815oC Braided from high grade asbestos yarn suitably lubricated and reinforced with stainless steel wire. This is an ideal choice for high temperature valve application and is suitable for service with steam, butane and propane gases, oil vapour, furnace oil etc. Please state when spindle/rod is STAINLESS STEEL.
1960 680oC A specially developed braided packing for super sealing jobs made from high grade asbestos fibre yarn reinforced with inconel wire and suitably lubricated. It will function most effectively for super sealing jobs on value stems in power plants & oil refineries. A well recommended packing for control valves at high pressure and temperatures and various other applications. Please specify when rod / spindle is STAINLESS STEEL.
2222 -40oC to +130oC This is a specially developed lubricated, non-graphited, long venerable fibre braided packing for marine application. It has been further lubricated with low friction dry lubricant to enhance anti-friction property for use in sea water and fresh water application, water wheel shafts or rudder an stern glands.
2224 -40oC to +150oC The most critical parts to seal in a ship are the stern tubes and the rudder posts. With this in mind, a most reliable packing is specially developed from Non-asbestos tough vegetable fibres. The packing is impregnated with lubricants which protect the packing structure. This packing is therefore most suited for use in marine applications against sea water in rudder posts and stern tubes, oils, week alkali solutions and in paper plants.
2300 130oC This packing is manufactured from high tensile strength vegetable fibre thoroughly impregnated with a special lubricant and graphite. Suitable fo fresh and salt water, pen-stock and heavy duty hydraulic applications.
3116 -40oC to +130oC A fine natural fibre braided packing impregnated with lubricants and graphite. Recommended for use on reciprocating and rotary pumps, valve spindles, refrigeration machinery and compressors. The packing presents a smooth surface that will not score shafts or sleeves because the fibre constantly absorbs the liquid being pumped and maintains a soft and pliable running face on the shaft.

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