Environment Friendly Sealing and
Heat Insulation Solutions


Product Style Temperature Service Recommendation
CERAMIC Ceramic Yarn/Cloth have proved to be efficient and economical in High Temperature thermal insulation application in different industries including Petrochemicals, Glass, Steel, Metals, Chemicals Plants, Ship Building, Nuclear Power Plants, Extremely High Temperature working in lining industrial furnaces, process heaters, etc.
SPECIAL 500oC Special lagging rope is produced for specific high temperature insulation of packing for Dummy Bar in molten steel castings and such other purposes.
SPECIAL 500oC Special Yarn is produced in different grades to meet with specific requirements of higher temperature insulation.
RUBBERISED CLOTH 122 170oC Asbestos non metallic sheeting proofed with rubber, used for gasket joints, sealing handholes & manholes of boilers, covers of tanks and pressure vessels and applications against air, steam and water. Thickness 1.5 mm and above.
122M 170oC Similar to style 122 but with wire reinforcement.
132 315oC Plain Weave Cloth 3.0 mm thick
150 315oC Plain Weave Cloth 1.6 mm thick
155 315oC Plain Weave Cloth 2.0 mm thick
182 500oC 1.6 mm cloth to DGS&D G/MISC/81/C Special Quality.
186 500oC 3.2 mm cloth to Indian Navy Spec INTC/23 Special Quality.
RUBBERISED TAPE 319 170oC Asbestos tape proofed with rubber for purposes of jointing for manhole and mudhole covers on boilers, tanks and pressure vessels. In coils of 30 meters with thickness upto 6 mm and width 12.5 mm onwards.
319M 170oC Similar to style 319 but with brass-wire reinforcement.
AAA 500oC Special Asbestos Cloth used for Diaphragm in Electrolytic cells and high temperature applications.
ASBESTOS BRAIDED ROPE 1000 350oC Asbestos dry plaited general steam and insulation packing for hot gases, oven, autoclaves, etc., conforming to IS Specification 4687 & DGS&D Specification.
ASBESTOS YARN 1056 315oC 1.5 mm thick is twisted to sizes upto 50 mm Ø. For Dry Heat, caulking between rough or irregular surfaces, Blast Furnace connections, Coke Ovens, Gas Generator etc.
1331 315oC Wire reinforced Asbestos Cloth 1.6 mm thick
1900 650oC This Chrysotile, white dry, high purity, non-metallic, braided packing is used where severe high temperature conditions prevail. Best suited for expansion joints, door ovens, caulking of joints, exhaust pipe wrappings, ductings etc.
ROPE 7000 1250oC Ceramic rope in round/sqare section.
YARN 7012 1250oC Ceramic lagging rope having low density bulk fiber inside and braided on the outside using ceramic yarn.
LAGGING ROPE 7012 1250oC Low density fluffy asbestos fibre filled rope enclosed in a braided mesh cover. Used for insulation of steam pipe lines in power plants an industries in sizes 12 mm Ø to 51 mm Ø in standard coils of 30 meters.
CLOTH 7056 1250oC Ceramic yarn, nominal Ø 1.5mm & above.
ASBESTOS 7132 1250oC Ceramic cloth 3.2 mm thick, 1 m width.
ASBESTOS CLOTH Asbestos cloth is used for thermal insulation in power plants, boiler mattresses, pipe lines, protective clothing and smothering fires. Available in plain or dust suppressed form.

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