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Ceramic Yarn, Rope, Lagging Rope & Cloth
CHAMPION Ceramic Yarns are manufactured from refractory oxides having composition of Alumina, Silica and some special additives. Depending on the use, basic yarn is reinforced with E Glass filament / SS Wire. These yarns are then braided to make rope or woven to make cloth and tape.

CHAMPION Ceramic Packings and Textiles are Environment friendly, Non-toxic, Non-health hazardous, Non-Asbestos materials.

CHAMPION Ceramic products are used in high temperature zone for thermal insulation, electrical insulation and sealing corrosive / non-corrosive gases, super heated and saturated steam and many other applications.

CHAMPION Ceramic products are also used for insulation in pipes.CHAMPION Ceramic products are manufactured using latest State of the Art technology improving the quality of the yarn, especially the reduction in loss on ignition, increase of thermal insulation properties and reduction of leachable chloride contents which is the cause of corrosion and pitting on parent body.

Technical Properties of Champion Ceramic Packing & Textiles
Product Style No. Item Description pH Temperature Resistance
champion 3000 NON ASBESTOS
0-14 Up to 600C
champion 7000 CERAMIC BRAIDED ROPE 0-14 Up to 1250C
champion 7012 CERAMIC LAGGING ROPE 0-14 Up to 1250C
champion 7056 CERAMIC YARN 0-14 Up to 1250C
champion 7132 CERAMIC CLOTH 0-14 Up to 1250C
champion   CERAMIC WEBBING TAPE 0-14 Up to 1250C
0-14 Up to 1250C

Champion Ceramic Packings & Textiles Are Having Following Advantages :

01. Non Hazardous To Health And Non- Toxic.
02. Environment Friendly.
03. Longer Life Due To No Loss Of Strength At Optimum Working Temperature.
04. Extremely High Thermal Insulation.
05. Electrically Non Conductive & Non Combustible.
06. Widest Possible Application In High Temperature Zone.
07. Reduction In Down Time.
08. Low Maintenance Cost.
09. Increases Safety Of Plant Personnel & Improves Productivity.

Champion Ceramic Products Are Having Applications In The Following Areas :

01. Seals & Joints For Boilers.
02. Coke Oven Doors.
03. Boiler Peep Holes.
04. Blast Furnace Relining.
05. Refractories.
06. Kiln Cars.
07. Continuous Casting.
08. Thermocouple Pipes.
09. Aluminum Pouring Ladles.
10. Insulation Of Electrical Wiring.
11. Hot Blast Valves.

Champion Ceramic Packings & Textiles Are Suitable For :

01. Super Heated & Saturated Steam.
02. Non Oxidizing Liquids & Gases.
03. Hot Blast.
04. Alumina In Powder & Molten Form.
05. Dies & Chemicals.
06. Mild Acids & Mild Alkalies.
07. Furnace Door Sealing
08. Hot Blast Valve Packing
09. Coke Oven Door Sealing / Coke Oven Pipe Lagging
10. Con Cast Dummy Bar Sealing / Hot Top Seals
11. High Temperature Insulation In Pot Room
12. Sealing Of Pouring Ladles.
13. Insulations In Carbon Plant / Cast House
14. Fire / Flame Protection Blanket
15. As High Temperature Bellows Expansion Joint.
16. Boiler Door Sealing
17. Boiler Peep Hole Packing
18. Inspection Door Sealing
19. Insulation Of Exhaust Steam Pipe
20. Boiler Mattress.

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